Business Development Compensation Programs

During the second quarter of 2021, two of our rapidly growing Key Advisors group members utilized DataKey to assist with the design of their go-forward Business Development Compensation programs. Across the two different organizations there are about 15 Sales team members, with combined annual sales of $50M+. In each case the objective was to develop a customized plan that powerfully rewards stretch goal results while at the same time is motivating and achievable for the Business Development Team members. Key Advisors Founder Ted Miller personally designed the programs and detailed financial models working closely with the Executive leadership team members. The Compensation plans were then presented to the Sales team members individually and are now an integral part of the engine driving these two Key Advisor member companies’ strategic growth plans.

According to Miller, “Each of the plans are firmly grounded with the desired business growth objectives of the organization. From there we build the financial models with a construct that allows easy modification of key variables so that we can measure sensitivity impact. This is really cool because it illuminates where to maximize selling efforts. The early returns are very impressive as the Sales teams now go out and make it happen!”

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