Exit Strategy; Business acquisition

During the pandemic 2020 year, one of our DataKey Advisors clients successfully sold their company to a much larger investment firm that plans on acquiring nearly a dozen companies in that industry over the next 6-10 months.

Background and Objective

The CEO reached out to DataKey for assistance with building a compelling business case that would showcase the enormous opportunity available by creating a centralized learning center for what is quickly growing to be hundreds of employees.

Key Actions

Ted Miller of DataKey worked with the CEO over several months to develop the business case;

  • Financial models illuminating enormous value-creation opportunity
  • Initial Implementation Project Plan with a dozen workstreams
  • Sensitivity analysis highlighting the projected results impact by modifying key variables
  • Executive Summary PowerPoint Deck to be presented to the Parent Leadership Team


The Business case was presented to the Senior Executive Team, and not only was it accepted, but the funding was doubled coming out of the gates for this important strategic initiative.  The upside value creation potential for this initiative in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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