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Resulting because Consulting by itself doesn’t get it done. And getting it “done done” is what really matters.

Key Insights (Strategy/Goal Planning – Strategic Initiative Implementation – Business Process Scalability – Driving More Profitable Growth – Building High-Impact Management Teams – Product/Service Innovation) DataKey has a vast treasure chest of Best Practice methods, tools, and practical application lessons, developed by working for and with Global f500 companies, along with CFOs of hundreds of mid-sized companies. Clients are equipped with an endurable competitive edge thanks to DataKey’s “Resulting” approach.

Complex Challenges

Organizations facing vexing issues often have a need for external assistance

In-Depth Analysis

DataKey tortures the data until it confesses. With an extraordinary toolkit and relentless examination, we crack the case

Key Insights That Ignite

We bring the right key to unlock the full potential of your organization

Resulting > Consulting

DataKey assists with the implementation until you have achieved all for your objectives

Growth Accelerator Consulting Services
  • Strategic Planning & Advisory
  • Strategic Initiative Implementation
  • Business Process Scalability
  • Driving more Profitable Growth
  • Building High-Impact Management Teams
  • Product Innovation
Resulting, because Consulting by itself doesn’t get it done

All companies face vexing business challenges, part of what differentiate the great organizations from the elite, are how quickly and how

How thoroughly these complex issues are resolved. At DataKey, we have found that it takes a different set of problem solving tools to move the needle on entrenched and seemingly intractable problems. If it were easy, you would have already resolved the problem.

Since mere consulting is often not enough, we utilize our Resulting TM Approach by starting with an extraordinary comprehensive analysis to reveal the true root causes of issues, followed by a treasure trove of problem solving tools that provide insights that reignite your organization.

We could not be prouder of out 90%+ re-engagement rate with our clients. We recognize that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to be brought into your company, work alongside your management team, and to be a part of driving future growth and scalability into your business. We do not take that privilege lightly.

  • Help take companies to the next level
  • 1,000+ Engagements
  • Consult— Coach • Facilitate • Teach • Implement
  • Hundreds of Management Tools
  • Process & Fact Based
  • Share Best practices

DataKey Consulting is a Growth Accelerator Firm that primarily works with small and mid-sized privately held businesses, helping them achieve their business objectives. The firm was founded fifteen years ago and is still run by Ted Miller (see bio), they have successfully completed over 1,000 engagements. Several hundred of those engagements have been with large ($1B+) companies, with 80% being with smaller/mid-sized companies with employee counts typically between 25 and 250. DataKey prides itself on its 90+% client re-engagement rate, as Mr. Miller likes to say, “it is the only metric that matters, if our clients continue to reach out and work with us, then we are providing value, I can imagine nothing more fulfilling.”

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