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DataKey is an extraordinary Growth Accelerator Firm with a 90+% client re-engagement rate that focuses on value creation for small and mid-sized privately held businesses. Leverage the DataKey power obtained with 1000+ client engagements by our remarkable team.

Top Performing Peer Advisory Groups. Gain an unfair advantage in the room where it happens.


Gain a Sustainable edge by taking your managers to the next level with our Skill Accelerator Management Training Program.


Resulting because Consulting by itself doesn’t get it done. And getting it “done done” is what really matters.


It can be tough at the top. You are the CEO of the largest company you’ve ever managed. However, what got you here will not get you to the next level.

Next level growth requires next-level thinking.

Capitalize on powerful collective wisdom and insight

Key Advisors is a Peer Advisory Board comprised of highly motivated, top-performing CEOs, from companies with $5M – $75M in annual revenue. They share a common, powerful goal: to selflessly help one another take their businesses to the next level.

Extraordinary results are the norm for Key Advisors

CEOs need to see value and get results. Key Advisors’ unique peer advisement, as well as the leadership and guidance of DataKey’s Ted Miller, make this happen. Members achieve three times the growth rate of the average small business.

Gain a Sustainable Edge by Taking Your Key Managers to the Next Level

If you plan to grow, your managers must grow, or they will hold you back. Great companies have the mindset that their managers are their investment capital, and they must do all that is possible to fuel management growth.

Resulting, because Consulting by itself doesn’t get it done

DataKey has a vast treasure chest of Best Practice methods, tools, and practical application lessons, developed by working for and with Global f500 companies, along with CFOs of hundreds of mid-sized companies. Clients are equipped with an endurable competitive edge thanks to DataKey’s “Resulting” approach.

Hear from the founder, Ted Miller.

“The immense power of collective knowledge.”

Dan Lansen
CEO, Compufit Solutions LLC

“The knowledge that fellow CEOs transfer between each other at each meeting is really what is incredibly powerful; not something you can replicate within your own company. All different types of businesses come together, collectively producing universally transferable takeaways — whether you are a non-profit, a restaurant, or an IT services firm, there are always shared themes that Key Advisors allows you to capitalize on.”