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Gain a Sustainable edge by taking your managers to the next level with our Skill Accelerator Management Training Program.

Gain a Sustainable Edge by Taking Your Key Managers to the Next Level

If you plan to grow, your managers must grow, or they will hold you back. Great companies have the mindset that their managers are their investment capital, and they must do all that is possible to fuel management growth.

With more than a thousand consulting engagements across hundreds of companies, coupled with industry-leading professionals, DataKey Resultants® go far past checking a training box. DataKey delivers customized training programs that connect your specific strategic planning objectives with the management skill advancement required. The true objective is to accelerate skill development, which enables organizational value creation and creates a sustainable edge. Get the DataKey edge with our highly acclaimed Key Leaders programs.

Foundational Management

Interactive workshop arming Managers with powerful tools for day-to-day management situations

This program focuses on management style, providing feedback in the workplace, handling difficult situations, leveraging strengths, learning from blind spots, along with tools provided to help modify management style for different workplace situations. Practical best-practice tools are shared with a real focus on effective implementation. Participants rotate role play as managers, as team members, and as process observers, thereby accelerating skill development.

Building a Department Culture by Design

Build Your Department Culture by Design, Not by Default

Most managers just have a partial understanding of their roles and responsibilities as a people leader. Many see themselves exclusively as subject matter experts versus a much expanded and required role as organizational leaders driving change aligned to the company’s values and business objectives. Building a positive and dynamic department culture requires a new set of essential management skills.

Attribute-Based Talent Management
(Two-Part Program)

Part 1: Hiring for Character and Competence

The top two reasons for employee attrition are misalignment to culture and management’s inability to create an engaging environment. This unique program begins with creating customized “must-have” attributes that align to your company’s values. These required attributes are then converted to create attribute-based interview questions. Participants learn about attribute-based hiring, why it matters, and how crucial their role is in on-boarding.

Part 2: Managers’ Vital Role in Creating and Sustaining Employee Engagement

Once the right employee has joined your team, the Managers job really begins. The first days and weeks are essential for the Manager to get it right with on-boarding. It’s all about employee engagement. This program zeros in on the top ten mistakes Managers make and how to flip that so that the new employee becomes elated with their new employment choice.

Performance Evaluation/Assessment & Delivery

Nothing is More Important as a People Leader than Enabling & Coaching the Growth of Your Team. Performance Assessment and Feedback Delivery is an Essential Skill Set

Many companies and managers dread preparing and delivering performance feedback to their team members. It is viewed as a chore rather than an opportunity to further shape and grow an individual and dramatically enhance the organization. Great organizational leaders embrace this process and invest tremendous thought into preparing the content and into the most impactful delivery approach. This program shares tools and methodologies essential to improving this vital skill set.

Senior LeaderManagement & Coaching

Expanding the Role of a Senior Leader & Sharing Vital Management Tools

This program is for Leaders that have Managers reporting to them. Leaders have good intent, yet their management style blind spots cause unanticipated negative consequences. Most Leaders are unaware of the impact of their behaviors and do not know what their direct reports really need from them. Participants’ leadership styles are examined, and a wide range of tools are introduced targeted at improving their intentional listening skills and expanding their people leadership toolkit.

Being More Strategic & Managing Up

We Need Our Managers to Think Like Owners/Executives

Managers run all the day-to-day activities of the company. They collectively make hundreds of decisions. As Leaders, we expect them to be strategic and at the same time have sound tactical judgment running their departments. We expect them to think and act like executives. This program introduces that concept and provides critical tools and methods so that they think and behave more like owners.

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