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Gain a Sustainable edge by taking your managers to the next level with our Skill Accelerator Management Training Program.

Gain a Sustainable Edge by Taking Your Key Managers to the Next Level

If you plan to grow, your managers must grow, or they will hold you back. Great companies have the mindset that their managers are their investment capital, and they must do all that is possible to fuel management growth.

With more than a thousand consulting engagements across hundreds of companies, coupled with industry-leading professionals, DataKey Resultants® go far past checking a training box. DataKey delivers customized training programs that connect your specific strategic planning objectives with the management skill advancement required. The true objective is to accelerate skill development, which enables organizational value creation and creates a sustainable edge. Get the DataKey edge with our highly acclaimed Key Leaders programs.

Structured Problem Solving

Move Your Organization from Reactive to Proactive: Tools and Methodologies for Eliminating Problems at Their Fundamental Source (so they are gone for good).

This program provides a proven framework/process to attack any type of business problem. High-impact problem solving tools are shared and paired to a dynamic problem-solving process. Together process and tools provide a powerful methodology to resolve problems quickly and effectively. This course teaches the difference between addressing a symptom and permanently removing root cause issues, such that the problem is eliminated at its core for good.

Goal Alignment & KPIs

Business Objective Achievement Requires Goal Clarity – Alignment – Metrics and Accountability

The ability to establish and achieve business goals is an essential skill for managers. This program introduces tremendous techniques that align departmental goals to company goals and overall company strategy. Metrics and KPIs are a critical component of effective goal setting; this program delves into the difference between process metrics & result metrics and how to ensure department goals align to the vision of the company.

Business Process Management / Operational Excellence

Transformative Methods that Will Change the Way Your Company Works

BPM is the systematic way to ensure that your company and departments are working smarter rather than just harder. This program opens up the world of business process improvement and extremely powerful process design concepts such as value-add process examination. DataKey shares the primary dimensions of BPM and provides breakthrough tools and insights that are a must-have for the senior leaders in your organization.

Top Gun Executive Tools

Our All Time Best Tools & Methods Applied to Your Environment & Business Needs

DataKey has amassed hundreds of management best practices, tools, and methodologies that our Resultants ® have effectively utilized to transform companies over the past several decades. These Executive-level management tools can be taught separately or shared in the context of a current strategic initiative that the company is implementing. Applications include: Culture Transformation, M&A initiatives, New Product/Platform Development, Reduction in Client or Employee Attrition, Building Scalable Business Processes for planned large growth.

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