Accelerate your business goals and gain an unfair advantage, utilizing the unique Intellifuze™ process

Precise objectives

DataKey incorporates a transformative approach with a customized software tool to align long-term business objectives to monthly–and even daily–tasks. This helps ensure that member companies line up their day-to-day tactical “in the business” efforts with much needed strategic “on the business” initiatives that effectively move the results needle.

DataKey’s unique Intellifuze™ process

Leader Ted Miller professionally navigates the experience in the room to capitalize on the knowledge, while personally working with each CEO to identify individual goals and the means to achieve them.

Key Advisors is not a one-size-fits-all operation. It doesn’t have thousands of members, where competitors are likely to receive the same information. Alternatively, the group brings best practices and pragmatic business tools customized for the specific needs of its members. This is the secret sauce that helps take your company to the next level.

Professional guidance

The leader, Ted Miller, is more a “resultant” than a consultant. Ted is a true pro, with several decades of global business experience. Ted was part of an IPO directly responsible for a $150M+ P&L, and part of the management team that transformed a $100M hi-tech company to $3B. Ted spearheaded efforts that resulted in the #1 ranking in the world in customer service for their high-tech industry.

Andrea Bloom

“Experienced 60% company growth while part of Key Advisors”

Andrea Bloome

Founding Partner and CEO, Alchemy Post Sound

The ‘how’ is the home-run. I enjoy working with and listening to the other business owners who are definitely on their game. We all run into a lot of the same issues, whether it’s hiring, sales, HR, growth, or cash flow. It’s helpful hearing different viewpoints of how people are getting through it.”

Carmelo Milio

“Egos are checked at the door.”

Carmelo Milio

President, Trion Real Estate Management

“Egos are checked at the door. I always appreciate the honesty that both Ted and the group bring to the table. Everybody is open to helping each other– no one has too big of an ego that they feel like they shouldn’t be part of the group.”